Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make-In Take-Out

As my daughter's "birth day" draws near (maybe three days now!), I am enjoying some half days at work, which leave me enough energy to cook a "real meal" for dinner. Take this General Tao's Tofu for example. I got the recipe from a recent Veg News magazine, but it's really from Veg Web's website.

Mr. PLV just loves take-out Chinese, although Indian restaurants are our favorite at the moment, so I chose this recipe thinking of him. He's also on a tofu-kick, which is great! This was possibly the easiest recipe I have made in ages, and one of the tastiest. In fact, Mr. PLV gives this four stars! **** He says it's one of his all-time favorites. I wasn't so sure about the pan-frying, but it doesn't call for a lot of oil. Some of the comments on the website suggest baking the tofu. Either way, I was blown away by the crispy coating, delicious sauce, and overall great meal! We served it alongside brown rice and steamed broccoli, which cooked with no effort on my part in the rice cooker and electric steamer while I prepared the tofu. His only suggestion would be to cut the tofu into smaller cubes (I followed the recipe and did one inch cubes which were pretty big but a nice change from the tiny cubes we usually do) and to double the sauce and mix in stir-fried broccoli. Hey - if a pregnant lady three days away from her due date can make this, anyone can! Happy make-in, take-out! (P.S. - note that the recipe is NOT called General Tso's, but General Tao's. Cute, but confusing when you're searching the website).


Anonymous said...

That looks great! And best wishes for you and your might even already be a mom :-) !!


Anonymous said...
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Inari said...

I am not vegan because I am to young and need my protein but last year I became a vegetarian!!! And that looks awesome!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Best wishes for your family!!! I too have taken the green path and have found oy so I hope your daughter takes the same path like you said :) I want to be vegan but as you know I need my protien for me to grow but I am going to become a vegan when I am older and that is deffinet! Once again congratuliations!!!!