Friday, August 05, 2011

We're back!!! Veggie Baby and I have enjoyed a year off from blogging, but I have been itching to get at the keyboard again lately (perhaps b/c of the Veggie Awards- inspiring!).

Anyway, I wanted to post this lovely pic of VB to show how happy and healthy she is, now over a year old and "still a vegan!" We're still nursing (World Health Org. recommends 2-3 years) and as of this moment, nary a drop of cow's milk nor animal flesh has crossed her lips. When she gets old enough to make dietary choices, her (non-vegan) dad will probably break down and offer her some items, but for now, I'm thrilled that her pediatrician didn't bat an eye at our dietary choices for her (well, they really are lifestyle choices, not just dietary, aren't they?).

Just demonstrating that healthy, smart babies can be vegan and so can their nursing moms! In addition, VB is now eating nearly 50 different kinds of foods, including things like bean and potato hash with garlic, onion, and peppers, and this week a curried pilaf with lentils and quinoa. The funniest part? She loooooves hummus! But after she ate a bunch, I smelled her breath and finally understood why her dad complains about my own hummus breath! LOL! We've come a long way, baby...