Friday, February 05, 2010

Veg-versary and 700th recipe!

Yes, I am alive! Despite the snow, pregnancy ups and downs (now into the 3rd trimester - woohoo!), and general life stuff, I am alive and happy to be so. Can't believe it's been so long since I posted...then again, yes I can believe it! I've been so exhausted in the evenings, and busy or sick on the weekends, I can't bring myself to get on the computer to blog, after spending all day at work on the darn machine! Anyway, I am celebrating two big things (besides my bigger belly!) this month...

As usual, February brings the date that I transitioned to four years ago - wow! I know that's not long, but February is also my Veg-versary for switching from omni (and a burger-loving one at that!) to vegetarian, which occurred eleven years ago. If you think, "I could never do that," in response to becoming vegetarian or vegan, just remember, I too, once said, "I could never give up cheese!" At one point in college (before I got really healthy and started running!) I could eat a third-pounder with cheese from Fuddrucker's (that's a US burger joint) all in one sitting! (And I'm a pretty small person!) It's all about baby steps, trying new foods, and not being critical if you "slip up." Eventually, the life of the animals, the health of the planet, and the health of my body (and now my baby!) won out over what I thought were "needs." Eating veg has broadened my food horizons incredibly, from flavors, to cuisines, to new produce and grains.

Speaking of which, I am also celebrating the fact that I have now made over 700 new, different recipes over the past 5 years. Poor Mr. PLV has to beg me to make a recipe more than once :)

Anyway, the first picture of this post is a stir fry from one of Dreena Burton's three great books, Vive Le Vegan! My mum and dad were in town last weekend (during the first snowstorm - now we're in the middle of the third this week!) and my mum pampered me with home cooked meals (and doing the dishes -yeah!). The stir fry had too much sauce, though - we would cut it in half. It was very creamy, though, and yummy! Three stars ***. The second picture (above) are Hemp Nut Burgers from a little booklet my mum gave me last summer. I just love hemp seeds (they have so many omegas!). These were easy, fast, and had terrific flavor. They also didn't fall apart like so many veggie burgers seem to. Could've used a dressing, though. Maybe mayo or 1,000 Island? Three and a half stars ***1/2.

I chopped and Mr. PLV cooked to make this hearty, warming stew from Nava Atlas's book, Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons. It's actually a vegan cookbook, but she has a similar book just out, that actually has "vegan" in the title. Anyway, this Italian Mixed Vegetable Stew had lots of great veggies in it, but needed more flavor. The potato gnocchi were a great addition! Three stars *** only because we didn't care for the frozen bean flavor.

This Mac Daddy (original version) from Veganomicon was another tummy-warming dish, made even when I wasn't feeling that great! It was that easy. Just make the cheese sauce (nutritional yeast base) and cook the noodles. Then pour together with crumbled, firm tofu, and bake! The tofu gave it a great, firm texture. My only change would be to make it with veggie broth, not water. I was too tired to make the veggie broth (we use cubes, to save on waste and money) but it really needed more flavor. I ate this all week - no complaints! Three solid stars ***.

Last but definitely not least (in fact, this was my favorite recipe over the past few weeks!), were these Red Lentil Kibbe from a recent issue of Veg News magazine. A kind friend of mine found some fine bulgur for me (I could only find regular) and these were very, very easy and wonderfully filling. As you can see, I ate them with baby spinach in lavash bread as a wrap sandwich. Drizzle them with lemon - it's a must! Three and a half stars ***1/2. These are no-cook, which actually isn't so strange. Traditional kibbe (made with ground beef) can also be served raw (gross, I know!). I also made the Roasted Shallot Hemp Hummus from Veg News's online collection, but it wasn't pretty enough for a picture. However, the flavor was mellow and delicious. Three solid stars *** and week full of delicious and easy wrap sandwiches once again! The carbs, greens, and proteins in my daily lunch wraps are wonderful in keeping my energy and blood sugar level during pregnancy! Last, we made the Mediterranean Chickpea Wrap from the new cookbook, The Conscious Cook, which I borrowed from our local library to try it out. It was way too watery for a wrap, but awesome flavors! Three stars ***. The cookbook doesn't look like something I'll buy, but Mr. PLV was admiring some of the meat-like recipes!

Well, off to see what I can make for dinner tonight! Oh, that reminds me - I have a question for you readers! A friend of mine is looking for a good vegan recipe, that can be popped into the oven preferably, that can serve 30 people (probably not all veg people, either). Any ideas??


Anonymous said...

Congrats on both your 700th recipe (wow!) AND your anniversary! Both very big accomplishments. How long have you been blogging for? How many recipes have you blogged about--all 700?
I love your blog, which says a lot since I usually just look at blogs for the recipes and you don't paste any :-) Thanks for all of your wonderful posts!


Peace, Love and Veganism said...

Hey Courtney- thanks for the compliments! :) I feel bad, too, that I don't post recipes - I've had other bloggers/people ask, but I'm just not that interested in creating what could potential be a disaster, with all the great cookbooks out there! I just like to show that you can be vegan and eat GREAT! And no, I haven't blogged about all 700, although I started blogging about 1 year after I began keeping track. Thanks again!

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