Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Winter Treats

It's still definitely winter around here! After four snowstorms in two weeks, I'm so ready for spring (sorry, all you snow lovers, but I left New England winters behind for a reason!). Meanwhile, we're making lots of comfort food while being stuck inside the house.....

Snobby Joes from Veganomicon are so simple, even Mr. PLV didn't complain about making them one night this week (although as he was off work and I wasn't, I think it was a fair trade!). Full of flavor, filling, and just plain yum, these are Sloppy Joes without the meat (lentils instead) and with a little less slop. Served on soft buns with a side of green beans, they were so much better than I remember them as a child! Four stars **** and we were eager for leftovers. We've made these before and I especially like them because they don't require a huge list of ingredients, so we didn't need to hit the crowded grocery store.

With the Super Bowl last weekend (someday maybe they'll use vegan footballs!), I came through on a promise to Mr. PLV, to make Vegan Boneless Chickenless Wings from Vegan Dad's blog. They weren't too difficult, although you have to make a "chickenless" broth powder first. The link to the powder doesn't seem to work anymore, but just Google it and Bryanna's recipe is the one I used. Double-breaded in panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) and drizzled with an Earth Balance-Tabasco sauce blend, they were crispy, crunchy, chewy (dare I say meaty?), and definitely spicy!!! The flavors were spot on and this time, I let Mr. PLV eat most of them, even though I could've eaten them all myself! I can't wait to make these again. Great appetizers but also pretty filling! Four stars and more ****+ Oh, and make half of the sauce, because these babies didn't need anything to dip in!

Baking-wise, I tried the Tropical Jewels from the Have Cake, Will Travel blog. They were pretty tasty and apparently survived shipping far out of state! Anything with coconut has to be good anyway...But, forgot to take a picture before I packaged them up, so click on the link above to see. I used chocolate chips in the middle instead of jam. I also subbed regular flour for the whole wheat and found that the batter never really came together by beating, so I just squished it into a ball before chilling.

I also tried these Raw-Chocolate Chia Energy Bars from the most recent Vegetarian Times magazine (Jan '10). This is the "before" shot, but honestly, even after I froze them, they were still really crumbly. Maybe it was the raisins I used for some of the dates. Maybe it was the carob I used instead of the cocoa powder (though I doubt it). And maybe it was because I made them too thin. At any rate, I poured the crumbly mix into baggies and am enjoying eating it like a power-powder. Two stars, maybe **.

I have to say, the rest of the week was pretty unusual, food-wise! I have made Dreena's Easy Pleasin' Oat Bars from Vive Le Vegan! for two weeks straight, and they are the perfect antidote to later afternoon pregnancy crashes. Lunches have been pretty much revolving around my favorite lavash bread wrapped around grated carrot, baby spinach (still the best way to get my greens when baby isn't looking!), and different spreads (mostly bean spreads). They are filling and flavorful!

Mr. PLV made a kick-ass chili, with kidney beans and our favorite new sausage from Field Roast (perhaps I can get the recipe from him!). It really was perfect, four stars ****. And, we had some pasta with spaghetti sauce (Bertolli is our favorite non-homemade brand) for quick suppers this week, after the leftovers were gone. Sometimes, just sometimes, I like those familiar favorites.... :) Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!



Everything sounds delish!

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