Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Vegan Birthday!

So delicious I could scream! And beautiful to boot.

These were the Coconut Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream Frosting, from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. In celebration of my (not 20, not 40) decade achievement this past Friday, I made these to share with my birthday twin in Brooklyn, NY. We both love coconut more than anything, and have a history of eating it straight out of the bag! We usually mail each other coconut gifts, but this year we were able to celebrate together! So, with coconut oil, coconut extract, dried coconut and coconut milk, these cupcakes were perfect! (I also made coconut lime cookies from Vive le Vegan! - too delish for words!).

But the highlight of our special day (for me) was visiting Candle Cafe in Manhattan, which was all that I'd dreamed it to be (although a little steep in price but what the heck? It's my birthday and the husband is getting the bill :)

This is what I had: cashew crusted tofu with roasted butternut squash puree over black rice pilaf and greens.

And this is what my friend had: seitan stuffed bell pepper with green beans. I think that hers was better than mine! Hubby had a chili seitan sandwich, which was also excellent, but he scarfed it down before I got a photo.

But the best of all, was the huge, thick, sweet but tangy piece of carrot cake - possibly the best I've ever had (sorry Mum and Dad!). Thank you, Candle Cafe, for this moment: "Which desserts are vegan?" "All of them!!" (just had to check!)

One last photo: as we were leaving, I noticed that Candle Cafe was located directly next door to (don't know if you can see it): Le Bistro Steak!!!

Here's to another thirty yummy, vegan years!

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