Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ultimate Vegan Comfort Food!

Over a year ago, I bought a Twinkies pan, after reading about making vegan corn dogs on the Vegan Lunch Box blog. But the corn dogs didn't materialize, as I'm not a big eater of processed food (even homemade processed food), and the pan sat there on the tippety top of my cupboard shelves.

Then, last week, it was my husband's birthday and guess what he wanted? Twinkies :) After last year's success with vegan Fauxtess Cupcakes (like the Hostess kind -see the link) from Vw/aV, which, I cannot believe I didn't blog about ack!, I was more than happy to oblige. Luckily, they were as easy as pie (again, pie is not easy, but I'll stick with the cliche, I guess). Just a basic vanilla cupcake batter in the Twinkies pan and then pipe the frosting (homemade of course) into the cakes in the three places through the bottom! And the results? Four stars**** maybe more! They were moist and sweet and soooo good. I made them for our monthly Veg Group meeting, too, and they were scarfed up. The only tweak I had to make was because I didn't have the barley malt powder for the "marshmallow flavor" in the frosting. The first time, I used a bit of barley malt syrup but it turned the white frosting pale brown, so I left it out the second time.

I bought the pan from Bed Bath and Beyond but they no longer carry it. Try this link here. Next up - vegan corn dogs!

I also tried a spicy peanut noodle dish from Veg News magazine this week for lunch. It was supposed to be served cold or room temp, so that was perfect for my lunches on the go. The first day, it was awesome (and nicely spicy!) but after a couple of days, it was just a little too stuck together for me. Didn't look anything like the picture in the magazine, either...I also prefer red bell peppers, but only had a green. And, I added cubed cold tofu as well. At least my mother, who was in town for the week, enjoyed it! I give it two and a half stars ** 1/2.
These Berry Muffins from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, were pretty easy to make of course, and they were also a great way to use up some chickpea flour (also known as besan and gram flour). They were very hearty tasting (also had oat flour in them) and I liked the blueberries, although nothing is better than fresh blueberries! Can't wait! Three strong stars for these bad boys ***.

As I was still working while my parents were visiting, one night my mum cooked up dinner for us! Alongside some broiled asparagus, we had Veganomicon's Snobby Joe's! Wow and yum! Even with less chili powder (my dad can't do spices) they were still awesome. Loved having lentils for a change! (Especially brown ones because I usually do red.) A pickle on the side makes everything nice (Vlassic doesn't use high fructose crap, either). Three and a half stars ***1/2!

The rest of the week we enjoyed Eggplant Pizza, seitan and pepper fajitas, and, last but certainly not least, this Ziti Bake from Veg News magazine. Wow and holy cow! So creamy and saucy and yummy and comforting! Would have been a great dish for the winter.... Used macadamia nuts and cashews to create a ricotta and a cream sauce, along with tomato sauce (also homemade, but could have been jarred or canned) and lots of fresh parsley. Four stars **** easily! So, that ends the week of vegan comfort food: muffins, Sloppy Joe's, Twinkies, and baked pasta. I'll try to make some healthier fare next week....but what am I saying?? These WERE healthy! :) That's the great thing about being vegan. Even your junk food and comfort food is healthier. (Even the Twinkies had no cholesterol, animal fat, or trans/hydrogenated fats!). Before I leave, I haven't forgotten about Earth Day! I did the same booth at our local Earth Day festival as last year, though this time with two other Veg Group members to keep me company, and we talked to at least 100 people! Yeah! Click here to read the top 10 reasons a vegan diet is better for the planet!


Anonymous said...

Now I have a huge craving for twinkies. And berry muffins. And pasta.
All your food looks amazing!

mysticxian said...

yeah, the snobby joes look great. I will have to try that.