Sunday, December 14, 2008

Due to my camera's battery dying this week, and a plethora of baking, I didn't have time to take pictures!

But I do have some new pictures that have nothing to do with food and everything to do with why I'm vegan.

It all began when I was probably in Kindergarten, and with the love of our first cat, Boo. Boo is long gone, but I have loved cats with a indescribable depth ever since, and that love has translated to love for all living things. So, my neighbor recently captured four feral kittens (and their mother, who was spayed and released). Due to the long wait time to get into the local no-kill SPCA, I was desperate to find these guys homes before they were given to another shelter that might euthanize them. (And, truth be told, I was considering adopting one myself! Cheap Christmas present!) These are photos of the little cuties, who despite being a little wild, really came along in the two weeks that my neighbors had them. I put out an "all call" email at work, and the two tabbies (both boys) already have a home together. The calico will probably go soon as well. Here's to the real meaning of Christmas - family, love and a home - for ALL living beings.

And here are my own babies, well, they haven't been babies for years, cuddling up together during this cold spell we're having. It's funny, after spending time with the kittens, I realized how lucky I am to have two such loving companions. I hope everyone else is taking time to appreciate the loved ones in their lives, too!

Now, I'll end with a quick photo of the cookies I made this week (the photos are old, but it was the same recipe).
Dreena's Chocolate Mint Meltaways work well with white flour, which is what I used for this batch, since they were going to a local bake sale and not into my tummy. I also used regular chocolate chips instead of the expensive mint chocolate bar like last time, and it also worked out well (just had to chop up the chips a bit). Hint- don't crush the candy canes too much - they are prettier in pieces. These are my husband's second favorite now! Hope someone on your list will get these this year.


VeggieGirl said...

CUUUTE!! And wonderful cookies for the sale.

Anardana said...

Yaaaay kitties!!!