Monday, August 27, 2007


First, I want to apologize for not posting a photo with this. God knows I have a couple sitting in my camera even after my multi-food postings recently. But mostly, I want to apologize for the rant that is to follow. If it offends anyone, I'm sorry. But sometimes (well, often... OK, so I run my mouth once in a while!) I just need to say things. If you're not ready for a little vegan rant, just click on the above link and go to my most recent, yummy food post. :)

If you succumb to what people call news nowadays, you probably know about the big-headed football player, Michael Vick, and what he did to the dogs (organized a dog-fighting kennel and then murdered or had a hand in murdering roughly eight dogs by horrible stunts such as electrocution, hanging, and slamming them into the ground).

What I want to say is that Vick did a very nice impromptu (maybe) speech today, apologizing to the NFL, the viewers, his teammates, the team, his coach, and most of all (the newscasters loved focusing on this one - get your hankies ready) the little kids who watch and idolize him. He even admitted that dogfighting is a cruel sport. But did he apologize to the animals? To those not fully on the vegetarian or vegan bandwagon, you might snicker at this, but I believe that leaving out an apology for the pain and suffering that he caused to the poor dogs (including those who suffered and starved but did not have the luck to die and be relieved of the pain), was a key to showing that he really is not contrite for what he did. He cares about disappointing his fans, losing his status, the respect of his teammates, but he does not really understand nor mourn the death of the poor dogs that died at his hand. Shame on him.

Some day, people might make the connection between the pity, sadness and revulsion they feel when they hear of this kind of cruelty, and the actions of the workers who slaughter cows, sheep, lambs, pigs, chickens and other sentient beings. They might even make the connection between the pain and suffering dogs (and other companion animals) feel, and the pain and suffering that cows and other such animals also feel. But for now, I just hope everyone can take a moment to pause and think a moment (meditate, pray, whatever) about those poor dogs. And shame on Michael Vick for not doing the same.

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Chris said...

Hey there... just found this post and I wanted to say that I thought exactly the same thing when I read Vick's "apology". I think he's really only sorry that he got caught.