Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good-bye For Now!

I say, "goodbye for now," because I have my comps exam for my Masters, coming up very shortly, and I need to devote all waking hours (ok, not including eating and working out!) to studying. So, I bid adieu until July 15th! It will be really hard not to get on here, because I do plan on cooking some simple but yummy new recipes even this weekend! Wish me luck! Here are my latest food pics - and more from the farmer's market!

This photo is of Grilled Veggie Pizza, from The Vegetarian Grill. My hubby made it for us one night and it was really good! I am still teaching him how to 'lightly' toss the veggies in olive oil - actually bought an oil mister just for that! It's pretty simple to make - just grill the veggies, add sauce and grill the pizza. He said that he grilled the pizza top first, then flipped it over and added the toppings and grilled it again. This makes for a delicious crust! The crust is the Rustic Crust, recommended by someone... much better on the grill than on a sheet in the oven.

There were tons of leftover veggies, so I warmed them in the toaster over the next night and put them over a light salad with some balsamic vinaigrette (there was plenty of oil already on them, remember?) ;)

Next up, from the Candle Cafe Cookbook, is the Mixed Crunchy Sprout Salad with Vanilla-Tahini Dressing. It was super easy to make, but the dressing was sub-par. I halved it, as usual, and still had enough for weeks! I added some maple syrup because I didn't like the taste much, but it still didn't do much for me. Kind of bland and too strong on the tahini! Sesame seeds and raisins were a nice addition, too.

Here is my newest toy, which helped me make that sub-par dressing (and also lots of other great dressings and marinades!) It is my new hand/immersion blender! I got the "top of the line," because I knew I would use it a lot - and I was right! It's also my favorite color :) Sometimes, a girl just has to treat herself, right?

When life gives you bananas.....
Make banana smoothies! This one, though the photo is blah, was really quite delicious! I don't usually use a recipe, but this time I did and was pleased. From The New Vegetarian Basics cookbook. It had a little oatmeal and nutritional yeast in it- neat, but not overpowering flavors!

Of course, you can only drink so many smoothies (and the new hand blender can't do ice!). So, on to make banana nut muffins from the same cookbook. These were a bit dense and dark, from the molasses, but differently good! Wished I had had the dates they called for, though. I love dried fruit! I sprinkled some cinnamon-sugar on top.

Well, the last photos are from the farmer's market and actually, most of the veggies in the above recipes were from above there, too! What will I do in the winter?? I thought the figs would be awesome - never seen fresh figs there before, but they were sadly over-ripe! I thought that this would do for my Fourth of July post - very blue! The red will be from my face as I run the 5 -miler that morning! Again, I will bid adieu until the 15th, so happy eating!