Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summer Eats

I know that summer is technically still about a month away, but the temperatures in my hometown have already shot way up! It has made us crave grilled goodies, like the seitan skewers shown here. They were made from the Candle Cafe Cookbook, and were so eerily like meat, I almost couldn't enjoy them! I had made a new batch of seitan (see previous post on how to make it), and with my meat-eating dad in town, wanted to impress him with some vegan vittles! The recipe calls for marinating them in an olive oil and citrus sauce, then grilling them until slightly charred. The flavor, moisture, and texture were all to die for! The grilled veggies didn't need marinating, but were enhanced by the Chimchurri Sauce that was drizzled over everything. Overall, the meal was excellent, but the marinade and sauce were very oily - probably not as healthy as other meals we've made! Wonder if I could cut down on the oil next time? The sauce recipe also made way more than I needed.
Anyhoo, the other recipe pictured here was made just last night: Seitan BBQ "pulled pork" style, from the latest Vegetarian Times magazine. It was pretty good, but since I've never had the real thing, I didn't have much to compare it to. My omni husband said that the sauce wasn't all that great (not sweet or tangy enough) so we decided to try it again sometime with our own sauce. Pretty quick and easy to make, though! Did a side dish of olive oil and garlic stir-fried kale (collard greens are out of season) and that is his non-vegan coleslaw pictured there.


Eat Peace Please said...

Hi there. Thanks for the tips about the measurements. I will try to be more careful about that. I admit, it may be hard.

On the other note, the almond oat ball recipe is very lax. With that said, I'm sure you did just fine with the added coating, but what I usually do is take out 1/3c and 1/4c from the total cups and use it as the topping. It shouldn't matter. Does this help?

Peace, Love and Veganism said...

Great, thank you! They were so good (check out my latest post!). I'm passing the recipe on to my mum :)